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DDS Cristina Campos Hijuelos

CED. PROF. 1492568
Highly specialized area of dentistry that treats the "inside" of a tooth (pulp) and surrounding tissues. Most common endodontic treatments consist of root canals or apicoectomy. We have many dedicated endodontic dentists (or endodontists) that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of challenging endodontic conditions.
Professional caring your dental health harmonizing the stetic smile.
  • 20 years of Experience caring your teeth
  • “Our philosophy is to get your best smile in the family atmosphere"
  • Reestablish the absence of a piece with materials that leave a very natural look that no one will notice.
  • We take care to keep your teeth healthy and your family by preventing the presence of cavities in them.


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S.M. 30
Cancun, Quintana Roo Mexico

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